Minor Hotfix

Hi everyone, we're updating the public build from 0.14.5 to 0.14.6 with a few minor tweaks and bug-fixes. Thanks for checking us out!

Patch notes:

  • Removed Orus’s SP from his first appearance (in the dream)
  • Orus now has 700 SP to spend after class selection
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in Captain Bell’s cabin
  • Added new Dietrich scene art
  • Revised some dialogue in Shiveworth to be less wordy
  • Revised goblinfish & leaf spirit encounters to allow fleeing in Shiveworth
  • Revised choice menus in Shiveworth for continuity (and symmetry)
  • Extended fishing time windows for some catches
    • +20 frames for smoothfins
    • +20 frames for random items
    • +30 frames for littlesnoots
    • +10 frames for hogfish
  • Fixed AI for bats and fire wisps
  • Fixed a few typos

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